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Mike Dawson Is…

Mike Dawson [Twitter] is the voice of The Adam Carolla Show.  He also hosts his own podcast, Front of House, where he interviews musicians and then lets them play a few tunes.  He’s also considered a polarizing personality and many think he’s an asshole.

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Rick Overton’s Talented Family

Rick Overton [Twitter] is an actor, comedian, and Emmy winning writer.  This comedy veteran also hosts the wonderful podcast Overview.  Rick is a guy who grew up with two parents in the music business and for him that meant his house was always full of legends like Salvador Dali, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, and more.

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Donate To Man School Using BITCOIN!


Multiple fine listeners have wondered if they could make donations to Man School using Bitcoin.

The answer is now YES.  We haven’t accepted regular donations thus far but doing so by Bitcoin just seems like a great idea.  I really dig this new form of currency.  If you wish to do so you can use the above QR code or:

  • Address: 1D5AYUEYovfu6iLHt2WNgHsGTmC8txF5JL

Many many thanks!

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The Passion Of The Ellroy

James Ellroy is one of America’s finest novelists.  Some of his 19 books include: LA Conflidential, White Jazz, American Tabloid, Shakedown, and the Black Dahlia.  His latest novel, Perfidia, comes out in September and is available for pre-order now.  James is a man whose live has full of notable love and passion.

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10 Years in Los Angeles!

10 Years in LA! Lots has happened since leaving Albany, NY —

I was a work in progress who knew it all. [3/17/04]
Met Her. Thank God.
Found sun. Declared 60 “chilly.”
Ate 25,000 tacos. Regretted three.
Laughed my ass off.
Attended 100+ Dodger games.
Became a writer.
Became a professional writer.
Enjoyed countless hours with my LA relatives.
Moved into a hip pad with a pool.
Achieved some of my dreams.
Achieved some dreams of others.
Got drunk. Got sober.
Met celebs. Met one “Caleb.”
Gained life-long friends.
Picked up a mic. Never dropped it.
Lost weight. Gained it back. Perfected the yo-yo.
Earned a Wikipedia page.
Learned how to take. Learned how to give.
At worst: survived.
At best: thrived.
Celebrated good times, c’mon.
I’m a work in progress who knows just a bit. [3/17/14]

Liam McEneaney Was A Depessed Kid

Liam McEneaney [Twitter] is a New York City-based stand-up comic.  His new comedy album is called Comedian.  He also produced Tell Your Friends, a live stand-up DVD featuring Reggie Watts, Kristen Schaal and more.  He was also diagnosed with “suicidal depression” at age ten.  From there, he experienced years of highs, lows, medication, booze, and sobriety.

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Sugar Ray Leonard Is The Champ

Sugar Ray Leonard [Twitter] is one of the finest American athletes.  Ever.  In this class we talk about what it takes to become a champion and how to stay a champion.  These days, he fights to combat juvenile diabetes with his Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation.  Don’t miss their big event in Santa Monica on May 20th!

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Daniel Garza And His HIV/AIDS

Daniel Garza [Twitter] is a Mexican-born resident of Southern California who has AIDS/HIV.  He also hosts hosts two great English-language podcasts — Put It Together and Vita Positvum — and one Spanish-language podcast, Corazón en la Mano (all via Abnormal Entertainment.)

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Christian Howes Did Time

Christian Howes [Twitter] is one of the top jazz violinists in the world.  However, long before his global success, he served four years in prison.

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