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Caleb is the host of the Podcast Man School and a sitcom writer, currently working on Sullivan and Son, TBS Tuesday nights.

The Walkabout on Man School

Dale Thomas Vaughn [Twitter] spent six weeks walking across Spain and France, doing the famed Camino de Santiago.  He’s a podcaster, Editor at the Good Men Project, and does lots of great work with men.

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TV writer and podcaster Caleb Bacon is not only on the writing staff of Vince Vaughn’s TBS show Sullivan & Son and the host of the popular Man School podcast. He’s also a journalist, sound expert, former weightlifter, San Fernando Valley resident—and many other things you’ll discover when you listen to this episode. Oh! He’s seven years sober as well, after a drinking career that started when he made his first alcoholic concoction from his parents’ liquor cabinet in junior high and ended in a night that involved Special K, bus stop punching, nudity—and a 12-step call from his boss, NYPD Blue and Deadwood creator David Milch. In this episode, he and AfterParty’s Anna David discuss being low-achieving drunks, boozing in England, bottoming out in LA and why Disneyland sucks, among many other topics.

This week, comedy writer Caleb Bacon (SULLIVAN & SON) and Dr. Drew join the program.

Caleb gets a reading from Psychic Rebel Colby and Rebecca Fearing plus Facebook callers!

OCD on Man School


Lyle Nagy has a type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder called Pure O, or Purely Obsessional OCD.  This week he talks about the dark places it has taken him.  

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Alonzo Bodden Donated His Kidney


Alonzo Bodden [Twitter] is a stand-up comic and podcaster who only has one kidney.  That’s because he donated the other one to his brother.

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The Best Ice Bucket Challenge?

Me, Zane Lamprey, and Brian Unger get wet for ALS… but it’s not all water.

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Ben Mandelker on Man School

Ben Mandelker is a writer and a podcaster who hosts both The Banter Blender and Watch What Crappens. He also writes for the B-Side Blog.  And, a few years ago, at the age of thirty, he came out of the closet.

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Man School with Another Green Beret

Jeff Whitby is a former US Army Green Beret who has experienced a lot of religion and the world.  Thanks to his life experience growing up in a small religion in the state of Washington and traveling the globe with Special Forces, he’s certainly a life expert.

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Jason Nash Is Married

Jason Nash [Twitter] is an actor, comedian, director, writer, and former podcast host.  He’s also just released his first feature film, Jason Nash Is Married.  So, today we’re talking marriage.

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