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James Ellroy was Divorced Twice

James Ellroy is one of America’s finest novelists.  Some of his 19 books include: LA Conflidential, White Jazz, American Tabloid, Shakedown, and the Black Dahlia.  His latest novel, Perfidia, comes out in September and is available for pre-order now.  James is a man whose live has full of love and passionas discussed on Man School #55but he’s also been Twice Divorced.

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Robert Greene on Man School!


Robert Greene [Twitter] is a multiple time New York Times Best Selling Author.  He’s best known for his books The 48 Laws of Powers, Mastery, The Art of Seduction, and The 50th Law.In addition to writing about these various principles, he’s also applied them to his own life.

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Man School on Losing Friends


Robert Patrick Lewis [Twitter] is a former US Army Green Beret.  Now a civilian, this ex-Special Forces member has lost many friends in both combat and by suicide. 

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The Drummer With The Broken Arm

Tony Thaxton [Twitter] was the long-time drummer for Motion City Soundtrack.  During that great run he got injured, busted his arm, and his career was put on hold.  Wondering how he dealt with that?  Don’t miss Tony Thaxton’s recent Man School: “Life on The Road.”

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Tony Thaxton Opens Up About Why He Left Motion City Soundtrack



Tony Thaxton left Motion City Soundtrack last year. In a new episode of the Man School podcast, Thaxton dived in a little more about the reasons behind his departure. Listen starting at 28 minutes below after the jump.

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Lewis Howes’ Secret


Lewis Howes [Twitter] is an athlete, lifestyle entrepreneur, and the host of the great podcastThe School of Greatness.  He was a past Man School guest and we talked about that he had to be the best at everything.  On this episode he shares about being sexually abused at the age of five. 

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Alan Cox Has A Brazilian Wife


Alan Cox was on the TLC reality show 90 Day Fiance which featured the engagement and marriage to his Brazilian bride Kirlyam.  There international story one not to miss (whether or not you saw the show.)

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Tony Thaxton’s Life on The Road


Tony Thaxton [Twitter] is the former (and long-time) drummer of the rock group Motion City Soundtrack.  He also hosts the podcast Feliz Navipod (hear Caleb on there).  After eleven years touring the world, Tony broke down.  Despite living his dream (and perhaps yours), he quit the band in order to stay in one place.

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Episode 21 - Caleb Bacon


This week’s guest is Caleb Bacon!  The host of the Man School podcast / Sullivan and Son writer stops by, discusses things like football, Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable and even supplies his own version of the Christmas Quiz.   

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