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Hannes Phinney Has Endured Family Tragedies

Hannes Phinney is an actor, comic, and co-host of the Storyworthy podcast (where I was a recent guest.)  He is a great guy who has lived through a serious major family tragedies.

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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 315: Russell Stover’s House with Caleb Bacon

Writer and podcaster Caleb Bacon joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the characters in Jesse’s neighborhood, Jesse’s visit to Russell Simmons’ house and Jodan’s viewing of Cabin Boy.

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Laffster Was Live!


The recent live video webcast on Laffster was a lot of fun!  This 80 minute episode features radio legend Phil Hendrie [Twitter], Dating Coach Jordan Harbinger [Twitter], and comic Roy Wood Jr.  [Twitter] who is an actor on my sitcom Sullivan and Son (TBS). 

This show was a fundraiser for Man School as well as for a great charity.  Your donations can either be out of the goodness of your heart or they can be in exchange for some great incentives from Caleb Bacon, Man School, and the other of the night’s guests.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  A portion of your donations will go to Many Faces 1 Voice.

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Want To Be a TV Writer?

I am literally a professional TV writer.  If you have similar aspirations I highly recommend these websites.   

These three women fight daily to ensure that Hollywood isn’t full of crap.  And if you want to write movies, go visit Pilar at On The Page.

RUN, don’t walk!

Jesse Thorn Has A Headache

Jesse Thorn [Twitter] is a public radio show host, podcast host, and new media emperor.  You might know him from Bullseye (formerly The Sound of Young America), MaxFunCon, or Jordan, Jesse, GO!  Despite being so prolific, he has suffered from migraine headaches his whole life.

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So this is a thing XD. #ManSchool #writing #happy

My new Junior Producer!


So this is a thing XD. #ManSchool #writing #happy

My new Junior Producer!

Fuck Addiction

Rest in Peace, PSH.  Help is out there for any sufferer who wants it.

What if Roseanne Barr Was Your Mother?

Jake Pentland [Twitter] is a television producer and host of The Jake Pentland Show (where I was a recent guest.)  Oh yeah… his mother is one of the most famous women of the past thirty years: actor/comedian/polarizing media figure Roseanne Barr.

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