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Me vs. Other Podcasts (2010-2012 Edition)


Podcasts.  I do them.  I live them.  I love them.  My latest show is Man School and I used to host The Gentlemen’s Club with Caleb Bacon. I also guest on other programs.  Here’s a list of shows I guested on from 2010-2012.  [Here’s a link to the 2013 edition!]


* I went in-studio for Chris Gore’s PodCRASH.

* The PodCRASH Awards!

* My third PodKatz.

* I competed in DreamTweet and did poorly.

* I co-hosted PodCrash Live at iO West in Hollywood!

* I sat in with the guys from Shoddy Radio and had a real fun time.

* I made my 2nd appearance on Giovanni’s GIO Podcast.

* Talking sex with Monica Hamburg over at The S+M Rants show.

* I Skyped into The Tower of Sour hosted by the Mike Saints.

* I sat down with Dan Katz and Rebecca Corry for my third time on the PodKatz.

* Cameron and Kevin had me on Raise Your Spirits via Skype.

* Chris Gore PodCRASHEd my show, thus I podcrashed his.

* Talking about me on Creating Sparks.

* Getting NSFW on the Plan X Network


* I briefly dropped into Talking Questions.

* I returned for my second appearance on The Michael Show.

* I’m talking television with The King of TV himself on The Paul Goebel Show

* I had a really fun Skype session over at The Chris Taylor Show

* My NSFW Late 2011 MP3 Tour marches on with a return trip to Dan Katz’s PodKatz.

* I was a guest on the very NSFW/offensive/awesome Terrible Friends podcast.

* My Earwolf debut was on a show I listen to every week: Jeff Ullrich’s Wolf Den

* I guested on The Michael Show #103.

* Jordan Harbinger and I did our 2nd round (my 3rd) at the Pretty Good Podcast

* I brought Dating Coach Jordan Harbinger to The Pretty Good Podcast so that he could talk seriously and women and I could crack wise on PGP #501. 

* Comicalcast: I did a twenty minute phone interview with Martin Willis.  In which he asks me about me.  Great topic! 


* I did an episode of Dan “Tabasco Ears” Katz’ podcast: Podkatz

* I appeared alongside Justin Worsham and Kevin Miller on their Second Funniest PodcastFirst funniest (according to both they and I) is Never Not Funny.

* Dan Dominguez, Paul Jay and Jen Goldberg are The Biggest Mistake.  Was their biggest mistake having me as a guest? 

* Sean Green’s The Green Room is the only only green room which matters. 

* My old podcast partner, Tim Hammer, and I stopped by The Pretty Good Podcast with Randy Wang and Gina Grad to drop some gentlemenly knowledge on PGP #130. 

* Adam Carolla SuperFan Giovanni Giorgio had me on his Loveline-loving program: The GIO Podcast

* I spoke about working in television Writer’s Rooms on subscription-only episode of On The Page with PIlar Alessandra and Matt Belknap.